A digital marketing house located in Leicester, England. Our focus is to deliver powerfully optimised ecommerce website design though our team of magento developers. An ecommerce website is not just a means to sell, but also a digital footprint to capture interest and B2B volume trade alongside.


Our team understand the fundamentals of the design, development and implementation of an e commerce website. Whilst many digital agencies may prefer a client to just blindly go into new projects, our focus is for you, our client to understand exactly why we are focused in particular areas. The more you understand, the more you can see our joint focus to see your online trade rocket. Magento ecommerce is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for those companies looking to add another dimension to their sales strategy. The benefits are varied, with continual improvements implemented to ensure it meets the demands of both potential customers and businesses. With the recent acquisition by ebay inc our magento developers can offer seamlessly integrated functionalities to also combine your sales across a number of diverse channels – not only your ecommerce website.


We are focused on only taking on enough clients that we can give that full level of attention towards. When commencing a new ecommerce website development, we need daily communication with our clients to ensure that your concept is being translated accurately. For us, magento web design is truly an art, both on-page and essentially right at the coding level,  as tweaking the magento architecture is something we focus upon to put you steps ahead. As a Magento developer, our efforts are to maximise its potential – giving you a very modern approach to how you should plan to see sales growth. The days of just having a basic e commerce website are now long gone. Your magento website design must be agile and dynamic to keep your customers’ attention; whilst also delivering good conversion rates. Page load time and fast content delivery is crucial to your online success.This is the homepage content.